Story 3 – Stretch Marks Storyboard

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Story  3 – Stretch Marks

I guess my insecurities started in my early teens just as I started into secondary school. Not every teen goes through puberty easily and I unfortunately was one of them. My body started to change so quickly, that as a result my skin couldn’t keep up and so resulted in a severe case of stretch marks. A small few I could cope with but I ended up with them all over the majority of my body. Everywhere from my stomach, hips, arms, chest and thighs.

It was so hard for me, especially around my friends who were all skinny minnies. P.E class used to be torture for me. We had a communal changing room where everyone changed in front of one another. I was so self-conscious in case any of the girls saw my body that I would change in a toilet cubical.

I ended up being bullied about my weight and appearance. I began to shy away from socialising. My friends would all be heading to the teenage disco, whereas I would be staying home. No confidence and afraid what new nasty comment would be said.

When I left school and started college I left that part of my life behind me. I began to feel good about myself again. I’m now at a point in my life where I’ve accepted my insecurities. Appearance isn’t always everything. It’s what’s underneath that counts.


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