Supervisor Meeting 18/4/15

Feedback from Meeting:

Story 1 Hirsutism –

Add kinetic type to certain parts where the opportunity arises. Scene when she says ‘I was diagnosed with hirsutism’.

Take out the hirsutism stamp text.

More chest hair.

Make swing move in scene 1

To bring the animation to a higher incorporate some subtle tweening and camera movement.

Try using different types of brick walls in scene 3 and pan into her.

Scene 2 – add hand movement on the two girls who say ‘O My God you do have a beard.’

Scene 3 – Instead of the outlines of people create characters and use them. Put her in the middle sitting down. Then as it says, ‘I am learning to be strong’, she stands up, hands on hips.

Have story 1 done for early next week to the highest standard.


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