Story Intro

From feedback at the last supervisor meeting I got thinking about how to open the stories. Would it just start to play story by story or would it have an introduction.

My original idea was to have an intro scene telling the viewers what this project was about and then the video starts with each story broken up into different segments. For example:

Hirsutism story starts with – I noticed something was wrong with me when I was 11 years old. I started growing stomach and chest hair. I never told anyone because I was embarrassed. I was around 12 when some kid came up to me, looked under my neck and said, “You have a beard!” I never noticed it until he said something.

Acne Story –

I used to call my older sister pizza face when I was younger. Little did I know I would soon be the newest addition to the pizza face gang. I started having a few spots when I was 13. Then it just all came at once. By the time I was 15 I had hard painful spots all over my face and back. The doctor called it cystic acne and prescribed me medication. Something simple like washing my face was painful so when I used the medicated solution on my face the pain was something shocking.

Stretch marks story –

I guess my insecurities started in my early teens just as I started into secondary school. Not every teen goes through puberty easily and I unfortunately was one of them. My body started to change so quickly, that as a result my skin couldn’t keep up and so resulted in a severe case of stretch marks. A small few I could cope with but I ended up with them all over the majority of my body. Everywhere from my stomach, hips, arms, chest and thighs.

Brain injury story –

In 2008 I was climbing with my friends. I was belaying my climbing partner. When he was about 50 feet up, he accidentally dislodged a cinder block sized rock that fell the 50 feet, landed on the back of my head, fractured the part of the skull that protects the brain and knocked me unconscious immediately.

So as you can see it is the intro to each person’s experience. It continues on like this with each person telling their story paragraph by paragraph.

I got thinking about how it would be confusing for people if the video just began so I decided to make an intro for my video.

The set up is 4 women sitting around a table having tea and having the chats. They begin to talk about imperfections and start to share their experience with one another. I believe this would work best.

So for example:

Opening, camera on top of table we can see birds eye view of table, 4 people sitting around it, hands on tea cups. Then the first person speaks and there is a close up of their hands as they start to speak. The stories are shown as their memories of the experience. How they remember in their minds while they are speaking.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 03.48.45

I am going to animate this scene also so it blends with the rest of the animation. After chatting to fellow classmates about this i was advised to rotoscope it as it would be the best solution for movement and outlines of people. Especially since it is the first thing the viewers will see it has to be spot on.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 03.49.09

I gathered 3 friends to help me set up the scene, table, chairs, tea cups, sweet things etc. I did a quick film of it so I can use it as my guide to draw over the people and the objects.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 03.49.24

The end of each story is a nice inspirational sentence so I would like to go back to the table for the end of the animation and show each woman as they are present it saying their closing line. I also filmed this so I can using the outlines and the movement.

I have uploaded this quick video to Vimeo – – password: FYP


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