Supervisor Meeting 20/3/15

I had a slow week this week as I had other assignments due so I have another meeting with my supervisor Daniel on Monday.  I am using the weekend to do some work on Background experimenting and character design. I know I am behind in my FYP and need to step up if I want to get a good grade. Hopefully this is the motivation I need.

Suggestions from last weeks meeting ( 13/3/15 ) were:

1) to make a scrapbook background and have the character in the foreground

2) use a ‘Roy’ style so have real life images in the background and place the character on top of that.


I also looked at a past students work that had a similar style to Roy. He used his own images that he took for his backgrounds of Dublin City.

3) I originally wanted the backgrounds to be relevant objects to the story for example the 1st scene is a girl on a swing so I wanted the BG to be a slide and maybe a picnic table. All very simple.

For Monday I have to experiment with backgrounds, finish my character (hands, feet, color in) and illustrate the first scene to see how it will go.


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