Supervisor Meeting | 6\2\15

I had my first meeting with my project supervisor, Daniel. We met up on a Friday morning at 10am.  There was three of us in the meeting and I got a lot out of what Daniel said to Barry about his project as his project is similar to mine.

For next week I have to

Research interface design – write about 10 interfaces and the technology used.

Watch some interactive documentaries

Research Non Linear Interfaces

We talked about different ideas for the interface – objects related to the story, photos, mirrors, doors, animated gif using faces and windows.


Daniel mentioned the apartment idea where you can see some movement in the window. For example through the window you can see someone walking over to a mirror or an animal moving. Each animation would be relevant to what the story is about.


I need to define my project and make a project statement.


I got feedback on the scar video I did for my prototype-

too dark , needs more imagery relating to scars(rip, tear , glass breaking (chinese plates), narrator too hard to understand, get someone who can talk of the cuff without a script.


Find people to talk to about their imperfections. (Ask friends and family if they know anyone that could help.)


Experimental Video research


Have a theme that joins all the media together.




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