Prototype | Written Story No.1

I got chatting to an American girl on experience project and she told me about her experiences having hirsutism(a condition that makes hair growth on the face). I asked her to send me a full story which she did:

I noticed something was wrong with me in fifth grade, when I started growing stomach and chest hair. I never told anyone because I was embarrassed. Around seventh grade, some kid came up to me, looked under my neck and said ” you have a beard”. I never noticed it until he said something. A few days later, a group of girls also looked under me and said ” oh my god, you DO have a beard”. It was devastating. I started shaving my face every day, which was very uncomfortable and irritated my skin so I would go to school everyday with a red, blotchy neck. I had horrible self esteem and was convinced I was a guy. For years I would spend hours shaving everything to try and feel normal. It stops me from having any relationships, because I can’t handle anymore rejection and judgment. I can go out to town without makeup sometimes because the opinions of strangers do not bother me. I am trying to come to terms with it and I hope I can one day. I have been told I look like a man by multiple people, including my brother. However, because of it, I am learning to be strong. I inform other girls, that despite what society or your peer say, as long as you love you, that’s all that matters. I honestly would not trade my imperfections for anything. Without them, I wouldn’t be who I am today.


I took this story and created my first written story illustration. I would like to do this by using parallax so when you open the story and scroll down the image moves with it or changes. I made up a prototype of this.  The first image is what you see when you open the story the second image is what you see when you scroll down. storyv1_p1 storyv1_p2


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