Design Stage | Project Title

I was thinking about a few different names for this project as I want to get started on designing logos so here are some I would like to use:

1. FaceUp

2. Perfect Imperfections

3. Inside&Out

4. FaceSpace

5. FlawSpace

6. DermaSpace

Each one represents the fact that the project is about faces. 1,4,5 & 6 are saying there is a space for you to view with stuff about faces. I don’t think I like these ones too much cause they are obvious.

FaceUp is saying this project is about people facing up about their faces. This could be taken up wrong like people are facing up to other problems.

Inside&Out refers to the phrase  ‘You are beautiful inside and out’. Maybe I should change the ‘&’ to ‘n’ or ‘and’. I think I should change cause I find names with logogram could be irritating when it comes to typing about it etc.

Perfect Imperfections is how I have described this project in previous posts. It describes the project well. Yes they are imperfections but they are my perfect imperfections. I will begin playing with some logo designs with the name ‘Perfect Imperfections’ 🙂


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