Design Phase |Audio Testing

I shortened a blog I found about a girl with acne and used an actor to read the blog. I think it came out really nice. Listen to it at –

Original blog at –

The actor read –

If I wrote blog posts every time I had a bad mood or wanted to give up on music then you’d get bored pretty easily, so I have to be selective with content I share and also photos.

For the last year I have suffered with Acne. When i tell people this, they don’t believe me and think I’m exaggerating about getting ‘a spot or two’. 

And that’s mainly down to the fact that social media portrays a false or heightened image of people. I know people always say that… but it’s so true. Unless you knew me personally, I doubt you would have known I had acne and that I cried endlessly about my skin.

I’ve never really been into wearing a lot of make up so when I suddenly couldn’t leave the house without a face full of it, it started to really get me down. 

I had to go to MAC to get higher coverage foundation and each time I went to get new products they would take off my make up to test the colours on my skin and I would cry in utter embarrassment. 

Sounds silly, but I was gutted. I HATED my skin and my reflection so much. I would see people i knew out and about, and literally run and hide. I couldn’t even look people in the eye when i was talking to them. When the subject of my skin was bought up anywhere I would cry, I honestly couldn’t control it.


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