Design Phase | Interactive Website |Seven Digital Deadly Sins

Seven Digital Deadly Sins is an interactive website that shares people’s stories about their experience with social media. What struck me about this website is the layout, it looks so slick.

Again this is the idea of people sharing stories.  The grid layout really appeals to me because you can clearly see what you are about to see. You have many options all at a glance. The icons used are beautifully designed. The animations that turn each grid adds a little something to the website. The creators really took time and effort into the small details. I think this makes the site.

I have taken inspiration from the way the stories are laid out like a parallax website with images. I really like the music in this website. Usually I find music on a site annoying and mute it but I enjoyed this one. I could use music in my project to create emotions while the user is scrolling down to a particular sad moment in someone’s story.


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