Design Phase | Interactive Website | NFB Cananda

NFB/Interactive – An evolving collection of innovative, interactive stories exploring the world – and our place in it – from uniquely Canadian points of view.


Primal : A very strange interactive website that has collected screams from canadian people and made a unique experience out of it.  After the initial shock I began to feel relief. It takes a weird emotion over you and you want to hear the next person screaming, this is a odd thing to write. I like the concept of having a website to go to when you just want to scream (or hear people scream at you). There is an option to join to and scream with the best of them, I gladly accepted. It felt uplifting. This idea of going someone to vent really appeals to me.

IDEA: I could make some type of community for people with facial imperfections to go to when they want to vent. They could upload images of themselves with their stories. It could be a place for people to upload their vlogs about their experiences with their facial imperfections. Alike people helping eachother out through tough times.




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