Inspiration Phase | ACCUTANE (dying for clear skin)

“An everyday constant reminder that I’m not happy with myself” – ACCUTANE (dying for clear skin)

The documentary ,ACCUTANE (dying for clear skin) was made in 2012. It features many different sufferers of acne and their experiences.

The main story is of a man called Jesse James who had severe acne so he took a 6 month course of the drug accutane. He didn’t do any research into it and by the time he did it was too late. He began to feel depressed and went missing. He unfortunately died that night. He’s parents blame acne for his death as they feel it was the beginning of the  end.

One girl says her skin was dry, nose bleeds and back pain but she would rather them side effects than have bad skin.

Jonathan, a medical student, started taking accutane in December and noticed he could not concentrate or sleep. He and his father agreed it was the drug so he decided to go off it on a Thursday in January. By the following Sunday he told his father about his negative thoughts. In the week that followed he committed suicide. In this case the drug caused psychotic events, and in one of these events Jonathan took his own life.

This video also shows a 15 year old boy going through laser treatment to treat his severe acne. He opens up about how it makes him feel, he doesn’t like to look people in the eye and that it totally knocks your confidence. At the beginning he did have very bad acne, large red lumps. Now after the treatment it looks much better and his back is no longer sore from the acne.

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 00.05.02 Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 00.05.22

Accutane states that 1 in 10,000 will experience the rare side effects of aggression, depression or suicidal thoughts.


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