Inspiration Phase | ‘A Beautiful Body’

mom5 mom4 mom3 mom2 mom1

‘A Beautiful Body’ Book Project was created by Jade Beall. The book celebrates what ‘real’ mothers look like after giving birth to children or while pregnant. Celebrity culture has put pressure on new mothers to lose weight ASAP and look back to normal within a few days. For regular women without personal trainers they find this very difficult. It takes a long time for your body to get back to normal not to mention the stretch marks that will follow. This book highlights that all mothers are beautiful and should be proud of their post baby bods 🙂


I like the incorporation of their children it makes it more heartfelt. My favourite would have to be the last photo. The angle that it is taken is perfect. Low enough to see the scars but also to see her small children touching her scar. To them she is their mummy, they don’t notice scars. This is what the world should be like.


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