Inspiration Phase | Week 4 | Broken Light

Broken light is a blog set up by photographers suffering with mental illnesses. Different photographers post each day and they upload a photograph that they like and reminds them of their illness and a short paragraph about it. I like the idea of a community of people with similar illnesses doing the same hobby and blogging about it to help eachother. Most of the photos are in black and white. I find this sad because it signifies to me that they are still in their dark places.


“I’ve always felt trapped in my mind, so it’s no wonder I’ve always been drawn to a creature who embodies freedom.“ – Hannah



“This photo shows Evo,  looking quite vulnerable in her surroundings… which is how I often feel. But doing photography and expressing myself, opens me up to the world.” – Yael



“I have found that sometimes blending photos helps express my varied moods more than any one photo can. To me, this one conveys depression, fear, pain, and even hope.” – Anon


“This photo represents peacefulness. It represents being at peace with myself. Free to be who I am, and to do what I want to do (to an extent).” – Zoe



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