Creative & Design Thinking Workshops

In our emerging technologies labs we had two workshops, a Creative Workshop and a Design Thinking Workshop.


In our Creative workshop we were put into teams, I was in a team with Cormac, Jamie and Mihaela. We were instructed to write down 100 words that come to our heads when we think of First Years. Then we were asked to create something that would help them, something creative that they would actually use. We came up with an interactive video that guides a first year through the first few days of college, registration, getting around, applying for Clubs and Socs etc. We were told that it wasn’t great and to go back and think again. I guess when you know that you need to create something your head goes into create mood rather than brainstorm. Instead of words that came to our heads we thought of ideas. It was a good workshop, it taught me how to think before I do and to always think of every possibility, something I will take with me through life.


In our Design Thinking Workshop I was paired with Mihaela and instructed talk to my partner about her wallet and vise versa. Then we were asked to go back and ask more questions. Then we had to design our partner a new wallet that fit their needs and describe it in a sentence. This lesson taught me 1) How to form a sentence and 2) how to design for your customers and not based on your personal preferences.


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