Inspiration Phase | Week 3 | Perfect Imperfections: An Exploration of Individuality

Link to page:

Joshua Carelli made this facebook page about perfect imperfections. This is what he tells us about his project –

This is a fine art project to illustrate the beauty in everything that makes us individuals; those flaws that are so unaccepted by society.

Which one of us fits into society’s norm? Who among us can honestly say that they wouldn’t change a thing about themselves? The purpose of this project is to embrace those things that make each of us unique; those things that may not be socially accepted. Be it scars or stretch marks, every mark on our bodies tells a story. These blemishes and flaws tell stories of bravery and strength. Every mark so shunned by popular culture speaks innumerable words on the very things that make every one of us an individual. Please help me to illuminate those things that identify the uniqueness in every human being.

His project and mine are closely related in that we both want to see the beautiful side of imperfections. I am more interested in facial imperfections as I know they are harder to hide and therefore harder to show off.

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