Inspiration Phase | Week 2 | Mercy Academy

MERCY ACADEMY ( All girls school in America)

These striking images come from a all girls catholic school in Kentucky. The portray an old time fairytale with a modern message, ‘Life is not a fairytale’. I love the graphics in this project. They are simple but effective. A simple glass show conveys to the viewer that this is Cinderella’s show, she is a make believe princess and you are not. It may come across harsh and blunt but I find it very effective. I would like to incorporate¬†illustration into my project as it is something I enjoy and would love to improve my graphic skills. This ad also made me think about storytelling. If I were to use storytelling in my project I could do it in a fairytale style, eg. Once upon a time. This would show that imperfections have been around forever, even in princess times.




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