Inspiration Phase | Week 2 | Campaign for real Beauty

After last weeks meeting I started to think about creating an awareness campaign. It would be about how women see themselves versus how others see them. It would be used to empower women.


I got inspiration from Dove’s ad campaigns. They show the true beauty in each woman. After looking at one of their ads the viewer feels better about themselves. That’s what I am aiming to do.

Below are some examples of one of Dove’s ad campaigns. This campaign was created when Dove’s market research revealed that 2% of women considered themselves beautiful! This figure makes me sad to think that women have such low opinions of themselves. Dove created the above billboard ads. The ads invited passers-by to vote on whether a particular model was, for example, “Fat or Fab” or “Wrinkled or Wonderful”, with the results of the votes dynamically updated and displayed on the billboard itself. This idea shows women exactly how other people view them. The portraits are beautifully taken, focusing on the woman’s face. Each woman looks happy and comfortable in her skin. I started to think of doing a photography project containing real women with skin conditions baring all for the camera and sharing the story. The way Annie Leibovitz captures the women’s happiness in the portraits inspires me. The are not the so call perfect woman and they are baring the imperfections for all to see but yet you can see they are happy. They obviously felt comfortable with the photographer. This would be something I would have to think about, meeting with the women on different occasions, gaining their trust and truly understanding them.


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